Does Moonshine Go Bad

Most moonlight drinkers try to produce extra alcohol so that they can enjoy these precious liquids as a gift for friends and family, or save some for a rainy day.

Discovering a closed bottle of contraband alcohol in the back of the pantry can be a real treat if you’re in the mood for something tasty and think it might be sold out. However, this discovery usually brings with it a lot of worries. How long has it been there? Can you still drink smuggled alcohol?

Is it bad on the shelf in the time you’ve been there?

The good news is there’s usually no expiration date for contraband. However, there are several factors that can affect the quality of your smuggled alcohol.

What is the expiration date of smuggled alcohol?

Moonshine is also known as light, unadulterated whiskey. There are two main types of moonshine. These drinks are available in a standard and an aromatized version. These two main types of moonshine cannot be stored for the same period.

Standard buggy.

This is a simple brandy. This distillate is distilled in the complete moonshine still kit until there is no more sugar in the bottle. It is the purest form of alcohol smuggling and lasts indefinitely until the bottle is closed.

When a standard liquor is opened, the liquor can begin to evaporate. The advantage is that the liquid that remains in the bottle does not harm you because it does not come out. It will simply change the taste or evaporate completely.

Rum, whiskey, cognac, gin and vodka are some examples of simple moonlight liqueurs.

Moonlight flavor

Lunshiners like to make different flavors of liqueurs. Good examples are smuggled apple pie, cherry pie, jalapeño peach and lime liqueur.

These alcoholic drinks have added sugars and flavors that translate into different aromas. The smuggled, unopened flavored alcohol will not have a completely different taste and will not be bad. The smuggled alcohol is retained by the alcohol so that the alcohol is not removed. However, these fruits can become quite concentrated by alcohol, so it is often better to throw them away.

When the moon is open, the alcohol can be removed from the fruit when the moon evaporates and the fruit becomes rancid. However, this does not happen immediately. It can take many years before an unopened bottle of smuggled alcohol expires.

Does smuggled alcohol improve with age?

Some alcoholic beverages, such as wine, can get better when they are a few years old. Shoemaker boys then wonder if their spirits can also get better if they are held for a long time.

Because alcoholic beverages such as wine are stored in wooden barrels, they absorb the essence and taste of wood. The aromatic profile of the wood changes the taste of the alcohol over time.

Since smuggled alcohol is stored in glass bottles and not in wooden barrels, its taste does not change much. In fact, the moon’s oxidation can affect its taste, and if the moonlight is exposed to sunlight during storage, it can taste very bad.

Keeping it on the shelf hardly improves the taste and it is better to drink it and enjoy it.

How can I store the MOONSHINE?

Moonlight does not need to be cooled, but keeping it in the fridge does not hurt. The only elements that can change the moon’s brightness are light, heat and oxygen. Exposing the moonlight to these elements can affect their taste.

The best way to store the moonlight is to store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Moonlight probably doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to light or heat, but it can change or spoil its flavor. It can change or degrade its flavor, but it does not become undrinkable.


Hooch never really decays. The taste and character of smuggled alcohol can change with light, heat and exposure to air, but it never becomes undrinkable. Even an empty taste bottle can be drunk for a few years.

Even if the smuggled alcohol does not spoil, there is no real advantage in keeping this delicious drink. Because alcohol is not exposed to wood, which can change its taste, flavor and character, it will not improve over time. It can be stored for years.

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