Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising And Tricks In 2021

Choosing the best skateboard wheels for cruising is excellent for commuting and traveling short distances on rough roads and streets. Cruising wheels are basically softer that primarily helps in preventing pebbles and breaks

FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels are the top priority as the best skateboard wheels for streets or rough roads, while Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels are runners up. Before moving to the review section, let’s check the basic requirements of wheels for cruising.


Wheels Requirements For Cruising

Cruiser wheels, sometimes also called filmer wheels, are similar to park and street wheels, but they are significantly softer for rolling smoothly and quietly over cracks and rough pavement.

They’re usually slightly larger than park and street wheels but not so significant that they won’t fit on a regular skateboard.

  • Putting cruiser wheels on any standard skateboard setup will turn it into an excellent cruiser for getting around town.
  • These wheels range from about 54 to 60 millimeters in diameter and range in hardness from 78a to 90a.
  • Soft wheels give you lots of grips and let you roll smoothly over rough pavement but are less forgiving for doing most tricks. But it can be helpful when you’re first getting comfortable on a skateboard because you’ll be less likely to get hung up on cracks and pebbles.
  • We recommend putting some risers on your board if you’re getting wheels that are bigger than 56 millimeters.
  • This will give you a little more clearance to avoid the wheel bite.


Pro-Tip: Must use riser pads if you got wheels over 56 millimeters.


7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

7 Best Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

The two most important factors while riding a wheel include its hardness and size. The hardness affects how your wheels feel rolling on the ground underneath you. So, soft wheels are well significant for cruising, especially on really rough ground, and small-sized wheels are preferred.


Here are the 7 best skateboard wheels for rough roads and cruising that you can check to ease down your selection process. 


FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels For Cruising (Best Of The Best)

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels For Cruising

FREEDARE wheels are our top priority as the best skateboard wheels for cruising and performing tricks. If your city has many bumps, cracks, and pebbles on the road, these wheels will serve you the best. 

These polyurethane wheels come with pre-installed ABEC-7 bearings that are great for riding fast on a bumpy surface. Also, they are durable and can add more grip, and are constructed specifically for street terrain.

Material – Polyurethane

Diameter – 58 mm

Width – 45 mm

Durometer – 82 A

Bearings – ABEC-7

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the appropriate size and hardness needed for a cruiser skateboard. The wheels have a 58mm diameter that couples with an 82A durometer and help attain a stable ride. The durometer is also perfect for riding on hilly areas and rough surfaces to achieve a great boarding experience.


Work best on the rough surfaces


Constructed of soft, durable material

Allows minimal trick performance

Provides grip and stability


Not suitable for ramp skating


Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels (Runner-Up)

Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire wheels are the runner-up with their capability of rolling smooth on-ramps and streets. Without any doubt, they can be regarded as the best skateboard wheels for the rough road. Also, they are made up of high-quality Polyurethane that will last longer, providing a premium experience.


These wheels lay somewhere within tough and soft wheels. With intermediate hardness and durometer of 99A, you can use them in street skating. For best results, avoid moving on a pebble filled or cracked road.


Material – Polyurethane

Diameter -53 mm

Wheel Size – 5.3 centimeters 

Durometer – 99 A


Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the excellent grip and stability it provides. Due to the medium size of wheels, you can practice the tricks like kickflips easily. Also, you can enjoy both slow and fast riding speed. Hence, great for beginners who want to enjoy both rough and smooth surfaces.


High-quality construction

Long-lasting material

Best for beginners

Suitable for rough and smooth surfaces

Allow fast and slow speeds


Not ideal for extremely uneven surfaces


Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels (Best For Rough Surfaces)

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels are the skateboard wheels for rough roads. You can try it in your streets, having bumps, jolts, pebbles, and cracks. It tends to provide a great ride with minimal push requirements.

But refrain from performing tricks on this board as there is a chance of falling. Tricks can be performed well on a wheel having a high durometer and hardness. Such soft wheels can’t withstand the high-speed performance, but you can practice the tricks if you are a beginner.

Material – Polyurethane

Diameter – 54 mm

Core – 78D

Durometer – 78 A

Bearings – ABEC-7


Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is its capability of a smooth ride, even on too rough surfaces. You can even board well on the asphalt track with a speed and no jerks. You won’t repeatedly stop for a push and can travel a long distance through these wheels. Additionally, you’ll love the grip it provides between your feet and the ground for a stable ride.


Maintain a good speed

Perform well on rough terrains

Soft, durable material

Do not produce noise.

Can provide grip on a wet terrain


Not well for performing tricks. (You can practice)


FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels (Best For Street Skating)

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

These are a bit harder wheels with small diameters and are the best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks. You can try them on smooth surfaces as well as rough ones. Also, the 90A durometer refers to the high hardness and more smoothness during the riding.

Also, the wheels’ diameter is small, which makes these skateboards best for short journeys and commuting. You can smoothly ride over them during your movement to your friend’s home. Also, you can practice different techniques in any skate park. 

Material – Polyurethane

Diameter – 54 mm

Width – 36 mm

Durometer – 90 A

Bearings – ABEC- 7

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the best use for beginners for practicing tricks. You can try the wheels on your cruiser and move around without any hassle. They will help you a lot in practicing the movements and rolling down your board on the streets. You won’t be affected by the roughness of the surface due to the efficiency of the wheels.


Best quality material

Do not produce noise.

Capable of both fast and slow movement

 Top for practicing and performing tricks

Affordable price range


Not suitable for longboards


Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels (Best Value)

Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels

These are the most versatile and best skateboard wheels for cruising. The core is made up of hard plastic and a high durometer of 83A, which serves in fast skating. Though you can’t roll on an extremely smooth surface until you choose a large wheel size, but is great for skating on streets and other rough surfaces.

Also, you can choose the appropriate wheel size depending on the size of your cruiser. It is 53-58mm in diameter most of the time, but you can try the nearest possible best dimensions for enhancing your experience.

Material – Polyurethane

Diameter – Multiple

Width – Multiple

Durometer – 83A

Bearings: Depends on size.


Why It Stands Out To Us?

The main reason for standing out is its multifunction use and availability. They are available in various colors, variety of sizes with their respective diameters, widths, and bearings. Also, to enhance the beauty of skateboard, you can choose the color of your choice. Hence, a versatile product that you can alter according to your needs.


Multiple colors to enhance board look

High-quality, durable material

Perfect grip and stability

Light on pocket


Not suitable for ramp skating unless you choose a large wheel size


CCS Cruiser Skateboard Wheels (Best Bang For The Buck)

CCS Cruiser

CCS wheels are also the best skateboard wheels for rough roads. These filmer wheels are great for smoothly move over the bumpy, rough surface, being soft in nature. The softness is due to a low durometer of 78A. 

Also, the softness couples with small size make a person capable of learning new tactics. You can try kickflips and other tricks without so much clacking. Also, you can use them for commuting and covering short distances.

Material – Polyurethane

Diameter – 57 mm

Durometer – 78 A

Bearings – ABEC-7

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the perfect grip they provide on the road. The chances of falling decrease, and you can move around the ramp or street with stability. Also, you can take control of speed and move slow or fast without touching the ground frequently. Hence, another fantastic product to consider. Additionally, the price range is low, and it won’t be hard on your pocket.


Beautiful, elegant look

Allows fast rolling

Budget-friendly wheels

Best for rough surfaces 

Provides stability on board


Not suitable for longboards


Ricta Chrome Clouds Skateboard Wheels (Also Noteworthy)

Ricta Chrome Clouds

Our last choice for the best skateboard wheels for cruising is Ricta Chrome Clouds Skateboard Wheels. Being stylish in design, they can beautify your skateboard. Also, you can choose the appealing one from various available methods.

Apart from beauty, these wheels are excellent in providing a perfect grip on the ground. You can use them for smooth riding on parks and roads. Also, they don’t make noises while skating and are easy to use.

Material – Polyurethane

Diameter – Multiple available

Width – Depending on the size choice

Durometer – In a range of 86-92A

Bearings – ABEC-7

Why It Stands Out To Us?

The reason for standing out is the versatility it provides. These wheels are available in various sizes and durometer for user ease. So, you can choose the one that is according to the size of your board. Also, they’re great for moving on rough surfaces at multiple speeds.


Eye-catching design

Various designs available

Multiple durometer range

Enhances the riding experience

Perfect for rough surfaces


A bit pricey


Prevent Wheel Bite While Cruising

Prevent Wheel Bite While Cruising

Wheel bite is when your wheel rubs the underside of your deck when landing heavily on one side of the board or when turning sharply. When the wheel gets pinched by the top of the deck, the wheel stops, and you get chucked off the board. Risers are your best option for avoiding wheel bite. 

1. They are durable plastic pads inserted between the deck and your truck’s baseplate to increase the distance between your wheel’s top and the bottom of your deck. So they’re a good idea to have on your board if you skate super loose trucks or skate wheels that are bigger than 55 millimeters.

2. And it’s unforgiving with soft wheels while cruising because they don’t slide even a little on the underside of your deck.

3. You can also use the shock pads. They are a form of riser that is made of softer Polyurethane. 

4. They help absorb impact energy and reduce the amount of vibration transferred to your feet. The difference is going to be subtle but noticeable.


Summing Up

Hence, that was all about the best skateboard wheels for cruising. Either you have a mini-cruiser, cruiser, penny board, or surf skate, these wheels will work fine and will provide you sufficient grip and stability.

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels are our top priority, while Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels are also noteworthy and worth trying. Be sure to read them properly and choose what suits you best depending on the type of skating you want to perform. You can also comment to clarify your further ambiguities. 

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